Condition Monitoring

A Complete Condition Monitoring Service

What is Condition Monitoring ?

Condition monitoring is a system of regular scheduled measurements of plant and machinery health. Condition Monitoring systems use various tools to quantify plant health, so that change in condition can be measured and compared.

ERIKS can do Condition Monitoring of the mechanical, electrical and thermal condition of plant, as well as identifying efficiency losses and safety critical defects. The object of condition monitoring is not only to identify defects, but also to identify the ROOT CAUSE OF FAILURE, in order that it can be engineered out. ERIKS's condition monitoring tools are listed with their uses:

Condition Monitoring ServiceElectricalMechanicalEfficiency
Vibration Data Collections
Ultrasonic Surveys
IMCA Testing
Oil Analysis Units
DLA Units
Relay injection kit
Partial Discharge Monitoring

The ERIKS Condition Monitoring services can be used in isolation or combined to give a totally predictive approach to the maintenance of machinery. All services are provided using ERIKS's own in-house trained personnel.

The benefits of using a condition monitoring based approach to maintenance are numerous they include :

  • Increases plant uptime & generates profit
  • Enables reduction in spares stock holding
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces the number of catastrophic failures and can stop expensive secondary damage
  • Extends the interval between maintenance periods
  • Reduces the number of costly emergency repairs
  • Maintains the product supply
  • Identifies the fundamental cause of failure
  • Improved awareness of plant condition
  • Spares are ordered to suit shut down periods
  • Quality assurance tool for repairs
  • Improved manpower utilisation
  • Improved maintenance scheduling - shut down periods are planned

Condition Monitoring - Vibration Analysis

It can not be stressed enough that the cost of condition monitoring is a cost for the business as a whole, to be compared against the cost of lost production. Condition Monitoring should not be a cost to be taken out of a maintenance budget

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