Loctite 454 adhesive tools maintenance
Adhesives in ERIKS range include threadlock, structural, instant, sealant, retaining, activator and anti-seize applications.

Threadlocking adhesives are suitable for a large spectrum of instances where strength variants are crucial and the material is bespoke. In cases where degrees of metals are used, we stock adhesives that will counteract against vibration and discharge by offering high duty strength and performance for high strength applications.

When you are looking for a supplier that can meet all your Industrial adhesive applications, ERIKS UK will surpass all of your expectations. We hold stock of hot melt and liquid adhesives for a broad range of applications and product assembly.

For maintenance convenience when it is needed most, the supply of adhesive threadlocking that does not require mixing is readily available from our fully stocked range.
Loctite 406 adhesive tools maintenance

Structural adhesive solutions

Structural adhesive solutions offer a fast fixture that cures rapidly when mixed at the correct settings. Applications may vary for temperature settings, however all settings including metallic, non-metallic have structural adhesives available for that purpose.

Other diverse industries that require bonding for plastics, rubber, paper/card, wood and metals will rely on instant adhesives. Within these categories, you will find sub-options that offer you a more in-depth solution to customise your requirements. These adhesive solutions include difficult materials such as plastic variations, shock loads and machinery purpose requests such as pumps or high temperature environments.

When ordering from ERIKS UK , we ensure a cost-effective and productive route to adhesive purchasing. Our sales and technical support are professionally trained in adhesive technology, adhesive application equipment, and cost reduction evaluations.

Our inventory Threadlock, Structural, Instant and Activator serves the tooling, and other diverse industries confidently backed by our leading supplies that include Format, Dormer and Guhring.

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