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Attachment Chain available from ERIKS Ireland

Attachment Chain

K Attachment Chain
Attachment chain are parts fitted to a base chain to adapt it for a particular purpose as a conveying medium. Attachment chains may form an integral part of the link plate or may be built into the chain as a replacement of the normal link. Other attachment chain (according to type) are fixed to the chain plates by projection or fillet welding, to either one or both sides of the chain.

F Attachment Chain - Outer or Inner links

F Attachment chain provides a flat surface at right angles to the chain plate. They are used for securing pushers, scraper bars etc.
L Attachment Chain

L Attachment Chain

L Attachment Chain are integral with the chain outer plates. Normally they have one or two holes but for the use onscraper applications they can be supplied without holes and with various box widths

Standard Sprockets

A modified rim section is required when G or inverted F2 attachments are fitted to inner links. Strengthening ribs are incrporated where necessary. These sprockets can be modified only by facing, boring, keywaying and setscrewing.

Spigot Pins

Spigot pins may be assembled either through hollow bearing pins or link plates and are secured by a nut and spring washer.
Outboard roller Attachment Chain

Extended Bearing Pins

Extended bearing pins, one side of the chain, can be supplied hard, soft or drilled and are similar to the spigot pin arrangement.

Holed Link Plates

Single holing is primarily for use with spigot pins and is required on both sides of the chain. Double holing is provided for the assembly of special attachments on one or both sides of the chain. The holes in the inner plates are countersunk on the inside face to prevent the bolt heads fouling the sprocket teeth.

Outboard Rollers - For use on Hollow Bearing Pin Chain

Outboard rollers have two principal advantage; as direct load carriers they enable the chain rollers to be used solely for gearing purposes and in the event of outboard roller wear, they can be replaced easily without recourse to chain replacement.
They are particularly useful when attachment chain prevent the gearing rollers running on support tracks on the return run or where the roller loading is high.
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