Engineered Savings on 57% of your Bearings...

"bearing purchase price is just a fraction of what they will cost you when they fail..."

Bearings fail 57% of the time before they reach their full design life, it's a fact...

Failure means that you're stopping machines and production lines to change 57 out of 100 more frequently than you should. What does that cost you in lost production, additional maintenance and replacements you shouldn't have needed in the first place?
Linear Bearing
ERIKS Know-How can safeguard your productivity with a whole life plan, which means that your bearings last longer and deliver their full value.

Let's consider an example for a moment: if you spend 5,000 and find a source 5% cheaper, then you save 250. However, ERIKS's whole life plan will engineer ongoing savings in bearing replacement costs which commonly range between 500 to over 1,500 and that's without adding in your production and maintenance savings.

Which would you prefer, 250 or up to 1,500 savings?

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