Cleaning Lubricants - Industrial

Cleaning Lubricant for Industrial Parts

Cleaning Lubricants

SAPPHIREŽ PRECISION LUBE SPRAY - Ultra high performance universal maintenance lubricant fortified with PTFE designed to penetrate effectively and provide excellent lubrication and protection in the widest range of applications.

SAPPHIREŽ SPRAY GREASE - Aerosol applied multi-functional grease for ease of application and convenience.

BELT DRESSING SPRAY - Colourless, non toxic, tacky belt maintenance lubricant that prolongs the life of worn and glazed belts and prevents slipping. Use on all types of drive and conveyor belts, including "V" and flat belting. NSF H1 Registered.

DRY PTFE SPRAY - Non-staining dry PTFE lubricant which gives a low friction non-toxic, non stick surface and reduces static. NSF H1 Registered.

PRECISION SILICONE SPRAY - Non toxic colourless silicone fluid that provides a light lubricating film with wide temperature stability and good general electrical resistance. NSF H1 Registered.

ELECTRA CLEAN SPRAY - Ideal for electrical and electronic fine parts. Cleans and degreases delicate mechanisms. Removes light greases, oils, dirt and organic soils. Quick evaporation. Safe to use on most surfaces. Non conductive. Fast penetration. Superior wetting action. No rinsing and no residue. NSF K2 Registered

FOAM CLEANER SPRAY - Foaming action - pleasant and economical to use. Ideal for all non-porous surfaces. NSF A1 Registered.

INDUSTRIAL CLEANER RAPID DRY - Multi purpose cleaner. Fast evaporation. Safe on metals, most plastics and paints

HEAVY DUTY CLEANER - Lifts grease and grime so that the resulting residue can be easily removed.

QUICK & CLEAN - Waterless hand cleaning wipes. Designed to remove the heaviest dirt.

ROCOL WD SPRAY - Water Displacing Spray. Multi purpose cleaning spray rapidly displaces moisture leaving a protective film.

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