Cooper Split Roller Bearing Assemblies

Cooper assemblies are available in three main series.

01 Series: This is for medium duty applications and is the most commonly used Cooper series.
02 Series: The 02 series is designed for more demanding applications where a lighter series may not be suitable.
03 Series: Designed for extreme loading, this heavy design offers the highest load carrying capacity of the three main Cooper series.

The majority of Cooper split bearings are grease lubricated, in certain instances oil lubrication is provided. At speeds less than 200,000mm dn and temperatures not exceeding 100O C a standard Lithium soap based grease penetration number 2 or 3 having extra pressure additives can be specified.

Cooper assemblies are available with a variety of different sealing solutions, efficient and reliable bearing performance depends on keeping foreign matter away from the bearing enclosure.

Sealing types include

  • Felt
  • Rubber
  • Triple labyrinth
  • High Temperature Packing

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