Corrosion Protection Lubricant

Corrosion Protective Lubricant
Corrosion Protective Lubricant Tub
Corrosion Protection Lubricant are available in a number of forms, ERIKS supplies a number of Rocol Corrosion Protection Lubricants listed below.

COLD GALVANISING SPRAY - A high zinc content galvanising corrosion protection lubricant spray for metal components requiring a permanent anti-corrosion coating.

HEAVY DUTY RUSTSHIELD - A Corrosion Protection Lubricant Sprat which produces a thin waxy film that gives extended corrosion protection even in the harshest conditions. Use for extended indoor storage or parts in transit.

Z25 Fluid - Z25 is a specially formulated clean Corrosion Protection Lubricant. It provides short term corrosion protection for indoor products.

vZ30 Fluid and Spray - Z30 is an excellent long term corrosion protection lubricant. Designed for anti-corrosion both indoor and outdoor products.

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