Damping - Movement Restriction

KILOPOISE 0868 - Kilopoise 0868 is a colourless extremely viscous fluid formed by the blending of very high viscosity synthetic hydrocarbons to the required viscosity of 220,000CPS.

KILOPOISE 0868 GW - Kilopoise 0868GW is a pale, amber/white very tacky grease, formed by a blend of highly viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon base fluids and thickened to the required consistency.

KILOPOISE 0868 S - Kilopoise 0868S is an amber/white very tacky grease for high temperature application and is formed by a blend of high viscosity synthetic hydrocarbons that are thickened using Fumed Silica to the desired grease consistency.

KILOPOISE 0001 GWE - Kilopoise 0001GW is a pale amber/white tacky grease, formed by blending high viscosity synthetic hydrocarbons as the base fluid and then thickened to the grease consistency.

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