Fenaflex Tyre Couplings

ERIKS, Fenaflex Tyre Coupling
Fenaflex Tyre Couplings are highly elastic lubrication free couplings tolerate large amounts of misalignment in all planes as well as offering simple installation and inspection without disrupting the drive. The Fenaflex tyre coupling also has excellent shock absorbing properties while reducing vibration and torsional oscillations.
  • Simple time saving installation - motor and machine remains undisturbed whilst tyre is changed.
  • Large misalignment capability, 4 angular, up to 6mm parallel and 8mm axial.
  • Very good shock absorption - couplings "wind-up" approx. 12 at maximum torque to absorb shocks in a system.
  • Internal load carrying cords are wound in both directions, so there is no problem on reversing drives
  • Complete freedom from backlash, ideal for reversing applications, especially with geared drives.
  • Excellent at solving torsional vibration problems, as alternative stiffness tyres are available.
  • Tyres are available in standard and FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti-Static) construction - so no static build up of electricity and fire resistant..
  • Compact design with Taper Lock fixing and short length Taper Lock bushes.
  • Larger T/L's available on certain 'F' flanges to increase maximum bore capacity.
  • Also available in Spacer and Flywheel types
  • Lubrication free shaft coupling.
  • Visual inspection of tyre to detect wear - no machine strip down.
  • All Tyres are produced in the UK - Improved availability and consistent high quality.
  • Wide variation of flanges available: Taper Lock, Pilot Bored, Spacer etc.
  • Design Powers to 900kW at 1440 rpm

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