Fenner Gearboxes

Fenner Gearboxes Series M

All Fenner® Geared Motors have their warranty extended to 3 years when purchased with an Inverter or Soft Start from ERIKS

In keeping with the policy of being able to provide solutions for all standard gearbox applications, the extensive range of Fenner® gearboxes is second to none.

This range provides for both motorised and input shaft assemblies in several configurations from In-Line Helical through Helical Offset, Helical Worm and Bevel Helical. Providing units rated up to 90kW with reduction ratios of 5:1 through to 900:1
Fenner Gearbox Cyclo Drive
The In-Line Helical Series M provides an internationally interchangeable solution using standard IEC motors which are fitted without modification to a sealed gearhead. Offering ratios of 5:1 through to 200:1. With power range of 0.18kW through to 55kW.

The Right-angle Series K Bevel Helical also provides an internationally interchangeable unit with the same features as the "M". Providing a high efficiency solution with either shaft mounting or single and double output shaft versions available as standard in ratios of 8:1 through to 150:1 in triple reduction suitable for up to 55kW input powers.

These units are complemented with the Series C right angle Helical Worm and the Offset Helical Series F units which incorporate all the features of the rest of the range.
Fenner SMSR  Gearbox
When heavy shock loading and large reduction ratios are the order of the day then there is no better solution than the Cyclo Drive 6000 in-line motorised gearbox giving ratios of up to 900:1. The special configuration of the unique epicycloidal design gives this unit a 500% overload capacity.

The range is further enhanced with the long established Fenner® SMSR. This Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer in its New re-engineered form now designated the "Power-Plus" has the simple to fit Taper-Grip™ bush and is available from stock in ratios of 5:1; 13:1; 20:1 and now the new 25:1. Classic versions of the SMSR are still available through the ERIKS Service Exchange programme.

All units being available on a Next Day delivery or same day by arrangement.

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