Softstarts and Load Monitors

Softstart Inverter
Softstart Inverter
  • The extensive Electronic Controls range offered by WYKO, includes the full range of AC Motor Soft Starters from the UK manufacturer S2S Electronics Ltd. The range offers different models up to a maximum rating of 800kW.
  • The extremely competitive Micro Start provides a simple low cost DIN Rail mounted unit for simple applications with two ratings of up to 5.5kW and 11kW.
  • The all New SoftDrive 200 Series offers a competitive selection of features on a more sophisticated unit for powers up to 110kW.
  • With the High Specification Digital SoftDrive taking the range to the 800kW rating.
  • To compliment the reduced shock loading on start provided by the Softstarter, ERIKS can also offer Electronic Load Monitoring with the EL-FI M20 Load Monitor which will provide accurate machinery protection for AC motor driven machines without the high cost of using mechanical torque limiters. The units versatility allows it to monitor both under and overload conditions, making it very suitable in pumping applications.
Crompton Controls S2S Electronics

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