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Transmission Chains and Roller Chain

Transmission and Roller Chains

ANSI Extra Chain
Coris Stainless Steel Chain
ERIKS Transmission Chains and Roller Chain fall into four categories that compartmentalise the variance and ranges that are available for all industrial requirements.

  • Syno Lube Free Transmission Chain
  • Coris Stainless Steel Transmission Chain
  • ANSI Extra Transmission Chain
  • Special or Adapted Transmission Chains

Syno Lube Free Transmission Chain is suitable for applications requiring a clean environment, or where maintenance is difficult.

Our Coris Stainless Steel Transmission Chain has identified chain for acidic or alkaline environments, very high or very low temperature locations, -40C to +400C, and where resistance to corrosion is a requirement.

ANSI Extra Transmission Chain provide solutions to severe operating conditions such as mining, quarrying, rock drilling, forestry and construction industries require specifically designed and manufactured chains.

Adapted Chains can be designed, manufactured and assembled into chain of all pitch sizes. In addition, we can also offer Transmission Chain up to 300mm pitch and 450 tonnes breaking load, and Special Chain designed with integral attachments to meet individual requirements.

You can find more about these by clicking on the links to the left.

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