Bearing Types

Retained Type Bearings split roller bearings

Retained Type Bearings (BR)

This bearing has integral lips on the outer race to provide a surface for axial load. This axial load is accommodated on the inner race via the hardened clamp rings, which both align the inner race halves and provide roller guidance. In larger bearings the inner race is manufactured with integral ribs for roller guidance and axial load.

This type of bearing will locate the shaft axially as well as provide a means for taking axial load. The retained outer race must be fixed sideways against one of the housing groove shoulders using the pins and screws provided. Only one retained unit should be mounted on any particular shaft. Additional care should be taken when mounting split roller bearing unit on shafts using other, non-split types of bearings (ball, cylindrical and spherical roller etc.) to ensure there are no other locating bearings used.
Expansion Type Bearings split roller bearings

Expansion Type Bearings (BX)

This bearing is designed for radial loads only. As in the retained type bearing, the rollers are guided on the inner race by the hardened shoulders of the clamping rings.

During expansion or contraction of the shaft, rollers are free to move across the plain outer race offering virtually no resistance to axial movement. Limits for the amount of axial movement are given in the Assembly and Maintenance section.

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