Conveyor Chain

Deep Link Chain
Hollow Bearing Pin Chain
Chain Rollers
ERIKS Conveyor Chains are designed and used in a number of applications. We have categorised each section from Hollow Bearing Pin Chain, Deep Link Chain, Solid Bearing Pin Chain and Chain Roller.

Conveyor Chain can also be manufactured to a number of international standards.

The hollow bearing pin type chain is suitable for use in all-normal conditions.

Deep link-type chains have sideplates with a greater depth than the normal chain plates. This provides a continuous carrying edge above the roller periphery.

When lateral flexing of the chain is required to negotiate horizontal bend radii, coned bearing pins are employed.

Solid Bearing Pin Chain is more robust and is recommended for use where arduous conditions may be encountered.

In general, the use of chain incorporating rollers is recommended, but bush chain, i.e. chain without rollers, can be used on certain applications.

Rollers of the plain or flanged types, with a choice of size and material, are listed for most chain series - size and material being dependant upon the type of application.

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