PTFE Rotary Shaft Seals

PTFE Seal Mechanical
PTFE seals are available from shell type PTFE seals, solid body type PTFE seals, hydrodynamic elements PTFE seals and PTFE seals variants.

PTFE seals are predominantly available in two styles, 'Shell Type PTFE Seals' and 'Solid Body Type PTFE Seals' with many variants on these designs available.

Shell Type PTFE Seals

This PTFE Seals type usually consists of a metal outer case, metal inner case, elastomeric gasket, and PTFE element.

The metal cases compress the gasket and the sealing element to a predetermined load and are crimped together by rolling or pressing.

Solid Body Type PTFE Seals

The solid body seal design incorporates the PTFE element rolled or pressed directly into a CNC machined case.

The PTFE element can also be positioned directly into a housing as an end plate or casing with integral seal as a single item.

Hydrodynamic Elements PTFE Seals

The PTFE seals element can feature a unique CNC machined scroll that acts as a positive pump transferring fluid away from the sealing lip increasing the life of the seal further.

Pioneer Weston select the best scroll pattern for each individual application. This feature is only available for unidirectional shafts.

PTFE Seals Variants

PTFE seals can be manufactured with various features to improve fitting and keep out environmental contaminants.

These PTFE Seals are typically the inclusion of O-rings on the OD, rubber covering shells, and adding supplementary dust lips and wipers.

Axle PTFE Seals - About

Pioneer Weston International Limited supply a wide and varied selection of Axle Seals to major OEMs and aftermarket customers.

Largely the designs are unitized, meaning they incorporate a built-in running surface which eliminates costly shaft surface finishing operations for the customer.

The newest addition to the PTFE Seals range is the TRANSMOTION seal which features benefits such as hand installation, zinc plated metal components and an advanced hydrodynamic lip configuration.

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