Premium CRE Belt

ERIKS, Belts, Friction Belts, Premium CRE Belts
This CRE belt transmits up to 4 times the power of conventional V belts.

The increase in cross sectional rigidity provided by fibre-reinforced polychloroprene contributes significantly to the performance advantages.

Sections XPZ, XPA, XPB & XPC; stock lengths to 4.5m

Ideal problem solving belt; good for high ratios

4x power transmission

'One Shot' tensioning - no matching necessary

Meets industry standards for static conductivity and non-ignition properties
ERIKs, Belts, Friction Belts, Premium CRE Belt
High efficiency for low running costs

Comply with ISO4184, BS3790, DIN7753 & RMA IP22 standards

Anti-static to ISO1813, heat & oil resistant (-40 to +80C)

Off-the-shelf drives up to 650kW ratin

Up to 40m/sec belt speed in Fenner pulleys with ISO grooves

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