Specialised Bearings

Split Roller Bearings
Over the past 10 years, SRB have built a reputation throughout the world for the manufacture of highly specialised bearing units.

From thin section, high speed bearings for wire stranding machines to robust, dependable water cooled units for continuous casting, SRB have the capability to provide products at least equal to, and usually far in excess of, the performance of bearings of other manufacture.

The cornerstone of this growing reputation is SRB's willingness to work closely with equipment manufacturers and end users to solve specific application problems. This has led to the development of a number of innovative designs, some of which have now been incorporated into the SRB product range.
Specialised Bearings split roller bearings
With a grinding capacity in excess of 1.4m and turning capacity greater than 1.8m, SRB have the ability to produce bearings substantially larger than those listed in the SRB or other catalogues. With a number of bearings of bore sizes in excess of 700mm in service, SRB have repeatedly demonstrated their ability in this sector.

Continuous casting plant found throughout the steel industry provides one of the most challenging operating environments for any bearing system. SRB, by working in conjunction with a number of OEMs and end-users have established a growing reputation in this field. SRB have introduced a number of design innovations whilst maintaining the envelope, layout and fitting conditions stipulated by current applications. As a result, a bearing operation life in excess of one million tons of cast steel is not uncommon.

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