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Theme Park Chains from ERIKS Ireland

Theme Park Chains

Theme Park Chain
Theme Park chains can be used for:
  • Roller Coasters
  • Water Rides
  • Carousel drives
  • Drag inclines for splash rides
  • Drive Motors

The key features of standard Roller Coaster chains are:

  • Designed specifically to meet demands of increasingly higher and faster white knuckle rides
  • Special crank link design allows full interchangeability with API 4 chain
  • Over 30% improvement in load resistance over conventional chain with no increase in weight
  • Substantially improved fatigue resistance leading to longer life
  • Close tolerance control to optimise chain performance
  • Customised plate holing and pin surface conditioning ensure optimum fit between pin and plate, thus overcoming need for pin welding and the consequential poorer life and safety performance
  • Unique heat treatment and stress reduction techniques including shot peening of the bush, ensure maximum resistance to shock loading from dog tags
Theme Park Chain

The key features of standard Water Ride chains are:

  • Rugged, robust design to maximise durability
  • Special heat treatment and stress reducing processes maximise resistance to shock loading
  • Attachment fitting is varied to match load specification
  • Optimum zinc coating thickness for corrosion protection
  • Special water repelling grease to ensure smooth running

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