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Cam Followers
Cam Followers are bearings with a stud incorporating needle rollers in a thick walled outer ring.
Can Manufacture Chain
Standard and hollow bearing pin transmission chain fitted with plastic tipped extended bearing pins used for transporting freshly painted cans
Canning and Beverage Chain
Authorised national distributors for Uni-Chains world leader in innovation and manufacture of conveyor chains to the canning and beverage industries
Car Conveyor Chain
Deep link chain fitted with Nylatron wear pads carries car bodies through assembly and paint spray lines.
Catalogues And Brochures
Industrial Products Catalogues and Brochures from ERIKS Industrial Services Ireland
Centrifugal Pumps
Centrifugal Pumps or Rotodynamic Pumps make up the largest population of fluid movers in Industry. ERIKS Pumps work with the leading suppliers
Chain Drives and Conveyors Lubrication
For the lubrication of chain and drive systems not fitted with automatic lubrication systems.
Chain Rollers
In general the use of chain incorporating rollers is recommended but bush chain i.e. chain without rollers can be used on certain applications
ERIKS Roller Chain technology has evolved over the centuries. During this time new design features and production processes have been introduced.
Cleaning Lubricants - Electrical
Ideal for electrical and electronic fine parts. Removes light greases oils dirt and organic soils.
Cleaning Lubricants - Industrial
Rocol Cleaning General Lubricants. Available from ERIKS Industrial Services Ireland
Clearance and Temperature Considerations
SRB bearings are manufactured to give an ISO CN clearance as standard. At specific customer request bearings may be produced with any clearance
Cogged Raw Edge Belt
CRE Plus excels in the high ratio applications used in todays compact drive envelopes, by combining flexibility with structural stability
Combined Type Needle Roller Bearing
Combined Type Needle Roller Bearings are combinations of a radial bearing and a thrust bearing. They are compact and very economical
Continuity of supply
Securing the integrity of your supply chain to minimize or eliminate production interruptions in the event of incidents occurring
Conveyor Chain
Our Conveyor Chains are designed and used in a number of applications. We have categorised each section from Hollow Bearing Pin Chain
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Cooper Split Roller Bearing
The Cooper split roller bearings available through ERIKS UK is completely split to the shaft. This feature provides rapid product replacement
Cooper Split Roller Bearing Assemblies
Cooper assemblies are available with a variety of different sealing solutions efficient and reliable bearing performance
Cooper Split Roller Bearing Sealing Solutions
The Cooper bearing is housed in a seal carrier the outside diameter has a spherical form which mates with the spherical seating
Cooper Split Roller Bearing Types
Shaft assemblies are normally supported by one retained Cooper split bearing and one or more expansion Cooper split bearing.
Corrosion Protection Lubricant
Corrosion Protection Lubricant are available from ERIKS in a number of types Cold Galvanising Spray Heavy Duty Rust Shield
Couplings are used to connect prime movers to driven items i.e. motors to gearboxes or driven items
Crank Link Chain
Crank link chian is known as gull wing chain its heavy duty characteristics allow it to cope with the arduous operating conditions
Cranked Link Bakery Chain
Matched in pairs all round parts coated in maganese phosphate for conveying bread through provers ovens and coolers.
Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Cylindrical roller bearings are available in many designs dimension series and sizes. The majority are single row bearings with a cage.

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