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Features and Benefits
Quick and easy installation. Substantial reduction in downtime compared to replacement of solid bearings.
Fenaflex Tyre Couplings
Fenaflex Tyre Couplings are highly elastic lubrication free couplings tolerate large amounts of misalignment in all planes
Fenner Bi-Loc Vee Pulleys
Also stocked are a range of single quadruple duty groove cast-iron pulleys for use with A & B section vee belts or SPA & SPB section wedge belts
Fenner Cyclo
Fenner Cyclo Gearbox Features and Benefits include withstanding overloads that break teeth of other gearboxes reduces running costs
Fenner Gearboxes
Fenner Gearboxes All Fenner Geared Motors have their warranty extended to 3 years when purchased with an Inverter or Soft Start
Fenner GT Gearboxes - Motorised Gear Unit
Fenner Motorised Gear Unit Fenner GT an ideal solution for the replacement of those troublesome mechanical variators
Fenner Jaw Couplings
Fenner Jaw Couplings offer a low cost flexible solution for most applications. Jaw Couplings absorb incidental misalignment
Fenner Vee/Wedge Belt Pulleys
A range of dual-grooved pulleys suitable for use with vee belts of Z A B and C sections and wedge belts of SPZ SPA SPB and SPC sections
Fenner® GT Motorised Gear Unit
Fenner GT Motorised Gear Unit an ideal solution for the replacement of those troublesome mechanical variators which are becoming harder to maintain
Fenner® HTD Drive Pulleys
Axially grooved pulleys to ISO 13050 for use with HTD High Torque Drive timing belts or derivatives such as Fenner Torque Drive Plus
Fenner® SMSR Power Plus
SMSR Power Plus Gearbox Features and Benefits of Fenner SMSR Gearbox from ERIKS UK
Fenner® Timing Belt Drive Pulleys
Pulleys made of steel or cast-iron materials and mostly incorporate taper bores for use with Fenner Taper Lock shaft fixing bushes.
Festoon Conveyor Chains
Festoon Conveyor Chains are generally used to convey paper or linoleum between manufacturing processes when the material must hang
FLT Chain / Leaf Chain
Leaf Chains have been designed for: High fatigue strength Long service life Maximum resistance to wear Compact design - optimum size strength ratio
Fluid Power
Broad and impartial knowledge of Fluid Power engineering hydraulics pneumatics and filtration enables us to select the best solution.
Food Lubricants and Clean Industries Lubricant
Clean Lubricants - the FOODLUBE range is a comprehensive group of clean lubricants designed for the food and other clean industries.
Freedom Disc Couplings
Freedom Disc Couplings with 3 year warranty Zero maintenance cost Stainless steel disc-pack element Torsionally rigid no backlash
Fresh Water Screen Chain
These chains run as pairs and drive mesh screens acting as filters to remove river and sewage debris.
Friction Belt Drive Pulleys
Friction Belt Drive Pulleys from our own Fenner Range offer the best possible performance reliability and efficiency.
Friction Belts
Types of Friction Belts are Banded Belts V Belts Ribbed Belts Cogged Raw Edge Belt Wrapped Raw Edge Belt Premium Cre Belts and Link Belting
Funfair Haulage Chain
A bush chain pulls the carriages up the incline releasing them onto the ride.

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