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Gas and Plumbing Lubricant
M23660 Gas Tap Lubricant - ROCOL M23660 Gas Tap Lubricant is a non-melting organically modified clay thickened grease
Gasketing Adhesive
Gasketing Adhesives - Sealing of Flanges - Parts can be easily disassembled even after extended service
Gear Cutting / Manufacture
ERIKS have in-house capability to manufacture and reverse engineer the vast majority of gears and shafts used in industry today.
Gearbox and Pump Repair
Gearbox and Pump Repair Adhesives - Helps prevent costly breakdowns and increases reliability and performance
Gearbox Lubricant
Sapphire Hi-Torque is a broad range of high performance gear oils. Designed to extend gearbox life all contain the advanced SuPs system
Gearbox Repairs
Gearbox repairs facilities 35000sq feet and craneage 15 tonnes enabling the provision of a complete service in the care and maintenance of machinery
Gearbox Service Exchange
ERIKS UK service exchange programme returns SMSR gearboxes to the original Fenner specification by using internal components such as shafts
Gearbox Technical Support
ERIKS pride themselves on their ability to offer technical gearbox support across a wide range of products
Fenner Gearboxes help us keep within our policy to be able to provide the solution for most applications Our range of Gearboxes is second to none.
General Maintenance Lubricant
Ultra high performance universal maintenance lubricant fortified with PTFE designed to penetrate effectively and provide excellent lubrication
General Sealing Products
Pioneer Weston International Limited can provide a vast range of moulded seals and solutions to suit all manner of applications.
Gravity Bucket Conveyor or Elevator Chain
This combined conveyor and elevator consists of a series of buckets mounted on spigot pins between two chains.

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