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Leak Detection Lubricant
LEAK DETECTOR SPRAY - ROCOL Leak Detector Spray efficiently identifies the location of potentially dangerous gas leaks.
Lifelign Gear Couplings
Our Lifelign Gear Couplings come with a 3 year warranty. This helps make the Lifelign Gear Coupling from ERIKS very Cost Effective.
Link Belting
Powertwist Plus Link Belting are state of the art solutions for emergency replacement and fitment into inacessible locations
Locking Nuts and Washers (Bearings)
Locking Nuts and Washers are used to locate bearings and other components onto a shaft as well as to facilitate mounting bearings on tapered journals
Loctite 480 Adhesive
Black rubber toughened grade bonding metal to metal and metal to rubber; especially suitable with applications where high peel strength is required
Loctite 648 Adhesive
Recommended for high temperature retaining of parts with a clearance or interference fit i.e. retaining bushes bearings seals fans and liners
Loctite 7100 Leak Detector
Facilitates the detection of both micro-leaks and larger leaks in gas handling systems. It will not cause subsequent corrosion
Loctite Hysol 3430 A and B Adhesive
Is a 5 minute 2K Epoxy adhesive suitable for applications requiring an optically clear bond line. Ideal for bonding glass decorative panels
Loctite® 222 Threadlock Adhesive
Loctite 222 Threadlocking Adhesive. Recommended for low strength threadlocking of adjusting screws, countersunk head screws and set screws.
Loctite® 243 Threadlock Adhesive
Loctite 243 Threadlocking Adhesive. Effective on all types of metal threaded fasteners.
Loctite® 248 Threadlock Adhesive
Convenient to use no migration. Suitable where product application access is dificult - overhead under or around machinery
Loctite® 268 Threadlock Adhesive
Loctite 268 Threadlock Adhesive convenient to use no migration. Suitable where product application access is difficult
Loctite® 2701 Threadlock Adhesive
Loctite 2701 Threadlock Adhesive For use on all metal fasteners including stainless steels and those with protective coatings such as zinc
Loctite® 290 Threadlock Adhesive
Threadlock Adhesive Loctite 290. Recommended for locking preassembled fastners e.g. instrumentation screws electrical connectors and set screws
Loctite® 3030 Adhesive
s designed for bonding difficult to bond substrates such as HDPE LDPE and PP. The product offers good resistance to many chemicals
Loctite® 330/7388 MULTI-BOND® 50ml Kit Adhesive
Is a 2 part no mix fast curing toughened adhesive with good impact resistance. Ideal for bonding dissimilar substrates
Loctite® 3463 Metal Magic Steel™ stick
Metal filling compound - Working time 3 minutes - sets in 10 minutes. Steel filled kneadable stick. Adheres to damp surfaces and cures under water
Loctite® 401 Adhesive
General purpose for bonding most substrates such as plastics rubber metals card wood.
Loctite® 406 Adhesive
Rapid bonding of rubbers including EPDM plastics and elastomers when used with Loctite Polyolefin Primer
Loctite® 4062 Adhesive
Loctite 4062 Adhesive ideal for very fast bonding of plastic rubber and metal substrates.
Loctite® 431 Adhesive
Particularly suitable for bonding porous or absorbent materials such as wood paper leather cork and fabric.
Loctite® 454 Adhesive
General purpose gel for bonding metals composite materials wood cork foam leather card paper and unglazed ceramics.
Loctite® 4850 Adhesive
Flexible instant adhesive. Medium viscosity fast curing transparent adhesive. Especially designed for the assembly and repair of flexible materials
Loctite® 5070 Pipe Repair Kit
Repairs pipe leaks in 1 hour. No tools required. Maximum temperature 120°c. Easy-to-use repair kit.
Loctite® 510 Adhesive
Sealing rigid flanges. Recommended for applications where high temperature and chemical resistance is needed.
Loctite® 518 Adhesive
Loctite 518 Adhesive recommended for use on rigid iron steel and aluminium flanges.
Loctite® 5203 Adhesive
Recommended for coating and re-using gaskets to improve sealing. Low strength metalmetal sealing.
Loctite® 5331 Adhesive
Recommended use on threaded plastic or plasticmetal fittings carrying hot or cold water e.g. industrial and agricultural plastic water pipe systems
Loctite® 534 Adhesive
AdhesiveSealant for holding pre-cut gaskets in place during assembly. Can be applied to all rubber cork paper and metal gaskets.
Loctite® 542 Adhesive
Recommended for fine threaded fittings as used in hydraulic and pneumatic installations and small fittings in general.
Loctite® 548 Adhesive
Loctite 548 Adhesive recommended for all types of rigid iron steel and aluminium flanges.
Loctite® 55 Adhesive
Loctite 55 Adhesive can be safely applied on metal and plastics threaded fittings.
Loctite® 561 Adhesive
Recommended for all coarse metal threads where disassembly is required. Ideal for use inbroad range of industries including chemical processing
Loctite® 5699 Adhesive
Recommended for sealing all types of flanges including stamped sheet metal where water glycol resistance is required.
Loctite® 572 Adhesive
Recommended for all coarse metal threads where slow cure is required for adjusting the alignment of valves and fittings.
Loctite® 574 Adhesive
Recommended for use on rigid metal parts e.g. cast iron components and pump housing etc.
Loctite® 577 Adhesive
Recommended for all coarse metal threads. Suitable for fast applications at low temperatures e.g. outdoor plant maintenance.
Loctite® 5910 Adhesive
Replacement for cork and paper cut gaskets on flanges and stamped sheet metal covers. Recommended for use where high vibration
Loctite® 603 Adhesive
For retaining close fitting cylindrical parts up to 0.1 mm gap. For use on cylindrical fitting parts where thorough degreasing is not possible
Loctite® 638 Adhesive
Gives best resistance to dynamic axial and radial loads. Recommended for retaining shafts gears pulleys and similar cylindrical parts.
Loctite® 641 Adhesive
Recommended for parts that will need subsequent dismantling i.e. retention of bearings onto shafts and into housings
Loctite® 660 Adhesive
Used for repairing worn coaxial parts without remachining; enables re-use of worn bearing seats keys splines tapers or for retaining shims
Loctite® 668 Adhesive
Medium strength retaining stick convenient to use. Suitable where product application access is difficult - overhead under or around machinery
Loctite® 7239 Adhesive
Is a general purpose primer, suitable for use on all industrial plastics, which will improve the adhesion of Instant Adhesives.
Loctite® 7240 Adhesive
Is a solvent free activator that increases cure speed on passive surfaces such as stainless steel aluminium and plated or passivated metals.
Loctite® 7458 Adhesive
Cures excess adhesive. Minimizes post cure blooming and optimizes bind strength. Low odour.
Loctite® 96001 50ml / 96003 200ml Dual Cartridge Dispenser
Loctite 96001 50ml Dual Cartridge Dispenser Loctite 96003 200ml Dual Cartridge Dispenser
Loctite® 97001 Peristaltic Hand Pump
This hand-held applicator is a low-cost, precision bottle top applicator that mounts easily on the top of any Loctite® 250ml bottle.
Loctite® 97002 Pneumatic Cartridge Dispenser
Dispenses all Loctite® products packaged in a 250ml squeeze tube or in a 300ml cartridge.
Loctite® 97006 Digital Syringe Dispensing System
This is a fully integrated system that will dispense products from water-thin to paste-thick from 10ml plastic syringes.
Loctite® 97008 / 97009 Semi-Automatic Controller
Loctite 97008 Semi-Automatic Controller Loctite 97009 Semi-Automatic Controller. Fully integrated semi-automatic adhesive dispensing systems.
Loctite® 97033 UV Wand System DC
High intensity spot curing system designed to emit UVA and visible light blue light for extremely fast curing. Ideal for high volume production
Loctite® 97035 UVALOC Flood System
Loctite 97035 UVALOC Flood System is a high intensity bench top modular light cure system. It is equipped with a 1000W metal halide lamp
Loctite® 97121 Pinch Valve Applicator
Loctite® 97121 Pinch Valve Applicator - A Pinch-valve with a pneumatic actuator for use with Loctite® 97008 and 97009.
Loctite® 97262 Needle Selection Pack
Loctite® 97262 Needle Selection Pack - Selection of dispensing needles which are used for the application of Loctite® products.
Loctite® 98414 Peristaltic Hand Pump
Mounts easily on any Loctite® 50ml bottle, converting the bottle into a portable dispenser. Comes with a stand to stabilise 50ml bottles
Loctite® Hysol® 3421 A and B Adhesive
Is a general purpose 2K-Epoxy adhesive for bonding large surfaces which require a long open time. Ideal for bonding metals plastics
Loctite® Hysol® 3450 A and B Adhesive
Is a 5 minute, 2K Epoxy adhesive, suitable where large gaps are present. Ideal for bonding and filling damaged components
Loctite® Hysol® 3471 A and B Adhesive
Is a steel filled 2K-Epoxy adhesive for repairing and rebuilding worn metal parts. Ideal for repairing pipes and castings
Loctite® Hysol® 3472 A and B Adhesive
Is a pourable steel filled 2K-Epoxy adhesive for repairing and rebuilding worn metal parts. Ideal for making mounds models tools and fixtures
Loctite® Hysol® 3473 A and B Adhesive
Is a rapid curing steel filled 2K-Epoxy adhesive for emergency repairing and rebuilding worn metal parts. Ideal where downtime is an issue.
Loctite® Hysol® 3474 A and B Adhesive
Loctite Hysol 3474 A and B Adhesive mineral filled 2K-Epoxy adhesive which forms a self-lubricating surface to reduce sliding wear on moving parts.
Loctite® Hysol® 3475 A and B Adhesive
Is an aluminium filled 2K-Epoxy adhesive for repairing and rebuilding worn metal parts. Ideal for repairing castings and cracks in housings
Loctite® Hysol® 3479 A and B Adhesive
Is an aluminium filled 2K-Epoxy adhesive for repairing and rebuilding worn metal parts in high operating temperature applications..
Loctite® Hysol® 9466 A and B Adhesive
Is a toughned 2K-Epoxy adhesive suitable for multi-purpose applications requiring long open time and a high bonding strength.
Loctite® Hysol® 9492 A and B Adhesive
Is a high operating temperature resistant 2K-Epoxy adhesive suitable for multi-purpose applications. Ideal for bonding electronic components
Loctite® O-Ring Kit
Saves the need for complete disassembly. Eliminates the need for an inventory of different sized O-Rings.
Lubricants in our tools and maintenance range include leading brands such as Rocol Shell Simalube and Ambersil

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