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Sealing Arrangements
Any bearing housing and support unit that is not suitably sealed against its surrounding environment is unlikely to achieve its full potential
Segmental Sprockets
Sprockets with removable tooth segments are particularly useful where sprocket tooth wear is much more rapid than chain wear.
Self Lube Bearings / Bearing Inserts
Self Lube Bearing Inserts commonly known as a wide inner ring bearing are deep groove ball bearings to the internationally popular 6200 series
Series P Gearboxes
Series P Gearboxes Different style of units available to cover customers needs Large size range available for all applications
Series W Gearboxes
Series W Gearboxes Fearures and Benefits High strength rigid gear case giving longer life Reduces cost compared to most versions
Sheet Metal Handling Chain
Bent-claw attachments hold square rods which support sheets through printing and drying processes.
Shell Type Needle Roller Bearings
Shell Type Needle Roller Bearings are lightweight bearings with large load ratings.
Simalube Lubricant
The Simalube system from ERIKS is quick to activate with a simple twist of the dispensing dial located on the top of the canister
Single Row Radial Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Single row radial ball bearings are particularly versatile. They are simple in design non-separable suitable for high and even very high speeds
Slab Conveyor Chain
With seven chains running parallel the steel slabs are carried across the chains.
Small Component Manufacture Chain
A typical V-Shaped attachment plate used to locate small electrical components such as resistors and capacitors
Softstarts and Load Monitors
Electronic Controls range offered by ERIKS includes the full range of AC Motor Soft Starters from the UK manufacturer S2S Electronics Ltd.
Solid Bearing Pin Chain
Solid bearing pin type chain while having exactly the same gearing dimensions
Spaced Bucket Elevator Chain
spaced bucket elevaators are fixed at intervals to one or more chains. Bulk materials are fed into the elevator boot and pick-up is by the buckets
Special Engineered Chains
Special Engineered Chains include abattoir chains funfair haulage chains marine diesel chains and wire mesh conveyor chains
Special Or Adapted Transmission Chain
Adapted Chains can be in the form of special plates pin rollers or blocks which can be designed manufactured and assembled into chain
Specialised Bearings
From thin section high speed bearings for wire stranding machines to robust dependable water cooled units for continuous casting
Spherical Plain Bearing
Spherical Plain Bearings are self-aligning spherical plain bushings that have inner and outer rings with spherical sliding surfaces
Spherical Roller Bearings
Spherical Roller Bearings consist of two rows of rollers with a common spherical bearing raceway
Split Bearing Lubrication
Split Bearing Lubrication is to prevent metal to metal contact between bearing components prevent wear and protect against corrosion.
Split Sprockets
If quick detachability is necessary without dismantling shafts or bearings then sprockets may be of the split type.
Fenner sprockets are available with either TaperLock or pilot bored fixings and are precision manufactured from fine grade cast iron.
Steel Apron / Overlapping Slat Chain
A continuous slat conveyor with a series of flat or formed steel slats carried between a pair of conveyor chains on K attachments.
Steriliser Chain
Steriliser chains are matched to run in pairs within canned food steriliser systems.
Structural Bonding Adhesive
Structural Bonding Adhesives - Provides a tough and resilient joint bonding a wide variety of meterials such as wood metals hard plastics and glass
Supply Chain Optimisation
We provide round-the-clock parts supply and technical support together with logistics and indirect supply chain optimisation advice and expertise.
Support Loads
SRB Support units have been designed to provide a rigid and stable base to enable the associated bearing to operate to its full potential.
Support Types
SRB bearings and housings may be mounted in a variety of support units according to the application and loading constraints.
Surface Preparation Activators and Primers
Surface Preparation Activators and Primers - Improve adhesion to non-wetting surfaces
Swing Tray Elevator Chain
Swing tray elevators are suitable for elevating any type of package box or sack. Chains fitted with spigot pins allows the trays to pivot freely
Synchronous Belt Drive Pulleys
Synchronous Belt Drive Pulleys for synchronous belt drives HTD drive pulleys and timing belt drive pulleys
Synchronous Belt Drives
Synchronous belt drives are drives using toothed belts working a toothed pulley to ensure synchronisation of the pulleys rotational speeds
Syno Chain
Syno Chain as a response to increasing demand for chain that provides good performance in clean environments where contamination is a risk
Syno Lube Free Transmission Chain
Syno Chain combines the technology of a radical new built-in lube system with the proven provision components.
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