Wrapped Wedge Belts

ERIKS, Belts, Friction Belts, Wrapped Wedge Belts
FennerŪ Power Plus Wrapped Wedge Belts and Conti Ultraflex Wrapped Wedge Belts are the mainstay of industrial V-style belt drives, with a deeper section than V belts to give greater power transmission capacity.

Built using advanced technology, FennerŪ Power Plus Wedge Belt achieves economic performance by use of low elongation polyester cords and abrasion resistant impregnated jacket fibre.

'PBŪ' (Precision Build) technology

Accuracy and stability of length

'One-Shot' tensioning - no matching necessary
ERIKS, Belts, friction Belts, Wrapped Wedge Belt
All wrapped wedge belts meet the highest industry standards for static conductivity and non-ignition properties

Sections SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC & 8V; stock lengths up to 12.5m

Comply with ISO4184, BS3790, DIN7753 & RMA IP22 standards

All wrapped wedge belts anti-static to ISO1813, heat & oil resistant (-40 to +70°C)

Off-the-shelf drives up to 500 kW rating

Operate in ISO (not 8V) and RMA (not SPA & SPC) pulley grooves

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